Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bridal Clutch Bags

My recent finds of stunning vintage silver woven braids and beaded braids have inspired me to start work on a bridal clutch range, which I have been thinking about doing for ages. I think the Stitches and Craft Show in August is the perfect place for me to launch the Berlinski Bridal Range!

I discovered the vintage silver braids in a mind-blowing antique shop in the Southern Highlands. They actually have real silver woven through them giving them an incredible shine. The intricacy and detail of the hand-woven work is incredible…they are just so beautiful!

The silver and white vintage beaded braid was a lucky score at a recent Lawsons action ( I had my very first successful bid…YAY!! The auction was for the closing down of a famous costume design business. They had huge amounts of fabrics, braids, ribbons and costumes up for sale. I put in bids for lots of pieces and ended up getting just one…lucky for me it was the one I really, really wanted!

The incredible detail, uniqueness and quality of these braids are exactly what I’ve been looking for to start this range. I think they are absolutely perfect for bridal accessories!

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