Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our wedding day...

Welll…this is one of the reasons I have not been blogging! I have been very busy moving house, organising our wedding and getting married! Chris and I got married on 13 March 2010 at Pearl Beach, NSW. It was the most magical day of my life! Here are a few photos. My third gorgeous bridesmaid is missing from these photos…because she took them! They are just divine! She has such a talent and I think should consider a career change!

I made berlinski clutch bags for me and my sisters for the day…see picture. I will post more detailed photos soon. My clutch was a silver base with an antique, hand woven, silver doilie as the feature. For my sisters I used the softest, most beautiful beige leather with a beige doilie as the feature. One of the doilies was my grandmother’s. My lovely nan was not well enough to be with us on the day…but she was with us in our thoughts.


  1. Alison and Chris!!! Congratulations!
    It looks like a beautiful and special day.
    You look stunning Alison. More photos please.
    Big hugs and congrats.

  2. Congratulations, you all look gorgeous and those photographs are divine!

  3. Hi Alison! Congratulations to you and Chris. You have certainly have had every reason not to be blogging much to organise. Did you make your dress? It is gorgeous. All the best to you both. Elizabeth